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Do any of u guys listen to Melanie Martinez? I’ve started listening to her music and I looooove it. Some of my favorites are Cry Baby, Cake, and Alphabet Boy.

So I don’t know if you guys want me to post any more poetry. I’m kind of nervous to share it. It’s really personal. I’ve written like 70 poems since April. It’s kind of surprising. Some days I can’t write at all and other days I’m so full of ideas I can’t write them down fast enough……

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More poems. (Again.)


Deep deadly silence

Hazy red glowing embers

Brooding calm victim


Still, cease, dead inside

Jagged flames consume my flesh

Tear stains on the sheets


Salty wounds of life

Withstanding all this torture

Is killing my light


Eerie deadly waves

Predator lurks deep inside

Howling for freedom


Crying begging grief

Worlds torn in half, dying breath

Raw, numb, pleading death.



Screaming endlessly

A hoarse voice in my mind

So loud that I can’t hear

No matter how hard I try


There is no escaping it

Once it’s begun

It consumes and buries and hides

All your emotions and thought


The hope of saying anything

Anything at all, really

Is washed away slowly

Leaving a raw, bare surface


Upon which no thought can grow

No sustenance provided

To slowly kill your brain

From the inside out


And to avoid this death

Is a constant hourly struggle.



Veins spiraling and swirling

around green leaves

Stained green with poison

That threatens to choke me


It weaves its way through my being

Tainting both thoughts and movement

A terrible, sickening scent

Veiling all the happiness within


Greedily it sucks all the joy out

Leaving a wrenching, empty feeling

Tearing me this way and that

Blocking all possible places for sunlight


A lethargic, painful liquid flows

Through my veins and out my eyes

Coloring the pillow a horrifying dark red

As the venom kills the warmth I found in love.



The panic flurries up

Inside your stomach

Buzzing flies

Rising up your throat


With the final word

A terrible shriek

Comes from the animal inside you



The tears pour day and night

Constant grief

Never ceasing

Always stabbing


It causes your heart to swell and bleed.



(I promise, Ivy, I’m not trying to steal your idea.)

More poems.

I think I’m getting the hang of this. It’s actually pretty fun. (These are all original by the way, please don’t think I plagiarize.)



You’re not helping me cure my insanity,

You’re the only thing keeping me fromĀ falling to sanity.


Was there anything to cure in the first place?

You help me remember my name.


It would be so easy to lose myself

In this world of masks


For how would I join the costume contest

If I’m not wearing a costume?


You expect me to throw on this makeup

And hide behind eyelashes


Do you even know who I am?

I won’t give in and turn to plastic.



Behind the ashes of a fireplace

There was a real girl

But after the years she decided

To don some sparkling heels


The girl who cleaned and sang

Was real and pure

The girl who danced till midnight

Was a mask


There are two sides to the story

One tells of the patient and humble

The other preaches of

Swirling dresses and dancing eyes


However you may look at it

As soon as the clock strikes twelve

The girl in the mask is revealed

The difference between Ella and Cinder.



It was the ship of dreams

Filled to the brim with hopes

People boarded from all over

To travel from coast to coast


Newly furnished

Freshly painted

Sights to see

Hearts to fill


It trembled with power

Slicing through waves

Designed to be invincible

Designed to be grand


But enough was enough

The dreams were too heavy

Too many people

With faces tilted to the clouds.

I’m no Ivy.

I am definitely no Ivy, but we’ve been talking a lot about poetry in school and I thought maybe I should try my hand at writing some. I’m not really used to sharing my writing. Just please don’t be rude in the comments.


There is a half of me

That begs to be noticed

It dresses me in dazzling colors

Pleading for attention


It throws insane words past my lips

Waiting for eyes to turn to me

It dyes my hair a blazing red

And fills my eyes with the ocean’s hues


The other half wishes to hide

Behind curtains of hair

And the designs of a jacket

Trying to shrink back into dark corners


To be seen would be torture

And isolation death

But there is no place in this world

For someone who hides in the open


Slow. Down.

Every minute passing faster

So fast I’m forgetting my own name

Did I really just do that?

Forgetting my own name.


Was I really just walking?

It felt like I was sprinting

Trying to catch the time

Running through my fingers


Another second has passed

I forget what I did last

My head is spinning

The floor is spinning


Everything. Just. Stop.


I forget how to count

The numbers rolling by

Faceless people

Begging, come back


How could I let you slip away from me?


I can’t trust my own brain

I try to hold it together

With clawed fingers

Not enough, I’m falling


Second, tick, flashback, repeat

Second, tock, flashback, repeat

Second, tick, flashback, repeat

Second, tock, flashback, repeat


I’m living in the past

The future around the corner

Present nonexistent

I. Forget. My. Name.